Summer Treat · Smoothie Pops

Its getting closer to Summer by the day and we're ready for it! We've come up with a sweet treat that you can make and enjoy from home. These smoothie pops are a delicious snack in the summertime, but first you'll need some ingredients.


- Smoothie ingredients (Berries, Fruit, etc. (Or you can use pre made smoothies)

- Blender (Only if you plan to create your own smoothie)

- Popsicle making molds (Click Here to find some)

Step 1.

Blend your smoothie. Put anything you'd like into your smoothie with some water to make sure that it blends properly.

Step 2.

Fill your molds. Make sure that all of your molds are filled almost exactly up to the top. (Leave room for the stick to go in)

Step 3.

Freeze your molds according to how big you're popsicles are. Once your popsicles are frozen, you're done! I hope you enjoy this tasty treat.


That's all you need to do to make these smoothie pops. Hopefully you can make your own soon!

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