My Top 5 Favourite Ways to Craft

I love crafting so much! There are so many different types and ways to do it. Today I’ll be sharing my top 5 favourite ways to craft.


Paper Crafts

Crafting with paper is my favourite, and probably the easiest way to craft. There are so many colours and styles of paper that you can do so much with! For example origami, fake plants, and card creation. I have a full blog post on paper cards here.



Another super fun way is painting. This is a watercolour cherry blossom that I painted a while ago. Painting is such a great way to create pictures with colour.



Knitting is such a cool way to craft as well, because it’s 3D! You can create blankets, hats, scarves, sweaters, and so much more!

Photo Credit: @prettyawesomeblog Instagram



I find that drawing is a bit more difficult because it takes very precise handling. But it can look so amazing once it’s complete. This is a drawing I did of Giulia Marcovaldo from Disney and Pixar’s 2021 film called Luca.



This the last but certainly not least way to craft in my top 5 list. I love mixed media art and making things pop off the page a little bit, and collages are a great way to do this! This collage is one I made with scrap paper and envelopes.


That’s all for my top 5 ways to craft list, I hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something new. If you’d like a more in depth post about any of these crafting forms make sure to comment or contact me.

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