How To Make Stop Motion Animations at Home

Stop motion animation is a great way to get started with making movies. Today you'll be learning how to create a Lego animation using stop motion, but first you'll need some supplies.


- Stop Motion Studio App (Available on any iOS or Android mobile device)

- A Lego scene

- Lego characters

Step 1.

First, come up with a plot. Think about things like where your movie will take place, who the characters are, and what your movie will be about. It might help if you write all of your ideas down once you're finished.

Step 2.

Once you've come up with a plot you're ready to start filming. First take one photo of your first frame. When you take another photo, only move your character a tiny bit. This will make your animation more realistic. Here's a tip, break your movie up into smaller parts. You probably won't want to film all the parts at once so, make parts according to what time they come into the movie. End a part when the scenery changes, in other words end the scene when you have to change a background.

Step 3.

Once you have all your footage, it's time to double check everything. Watch the whole movie to see if you're missing scenes, or if you need to redo something in your movie.


Now you're all finished making your Lego animation! You can share it with your family and enjoy it with friends. There are so many other types of stop motion animations, here's a list for you to check out (click here).

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