How to Make an Origami Santa Envelope

Envelopes are great for packaging small gifts for Christmas and they're super easy to make. Today, you'll be learning how to make some of your own.


- Square shaped paper

- Pencil crayons/Markers

- A fine tip permanent marker

Step 1.

Take your paper and fold a line right in the middle of it.

Step 2.

Then, fold a triangle-like shape up to about the center of the line on both sides. Once you're done with that, fold the corner at the bottom up to the top.

Step 3.

Next, you need to bring the flaps on the outside into the middle to create a shape that resembles a rectangle like this.

Step 4.

Then, you'll need to turn it over and fold almost up to the top of the paper but leave a bit of space.

Step 5.

Now, unfold the fold you just made. Once you've done that go to the line you just made and fold it until it looks like this on both sides.

Step 6.

Next, turn it around so the triangle faces the bottom. Now you'll want to unfold the triangle.

Step 7.

Then, take the fold between the triangles and open it up. Fold it over to the top to make another rectangle shape inside.

Step 8.

Now, take the top and place it into the little pocket you made and BOOM! You have an envelope!

Step 9.

Finally, you can turn it to the front and draw your Santa. We drew a Santa, but you can really draw whatever you want. (e.g. Rudolph, a snowman, or a winter scene)


If you found that it was too complicated, leave a comment and we can provide a video on the videos page (Check it out here).

We really hope you enjoyed this craft and that it helped you with gift wrapping for the holiday season.

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