How to Make A Balloon Squishy!

Do you love squishies? Well, I certainly do! Today you'll be learning how to make your own squishy/squishies with these 2 simple steps.


- A balloon

- Slime (Learn how to make some here)

Step 1.

Make a basic slime. Fell free to experiment with different colours and textures. (To check out our DIY Slime post Click Here)

Step 2.

Put your slime in the balloon, then tie a knot at the bottom. Make sure you don't fill it up too much. If it gets overfilled with slime, you won't be able to squish it and if you do, slime will splatter over everything! Try to fill it up to here...


Now you have your homemade squishy! There are endless colour and texture combinations!


I hope you enjoyed learning about how to make this awesome squishy!

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