How to Become an Ultimate Crafter!

Are you crafting all the time, but still need some expert knowledge? Here are some tips that can help you become an ultimate crafter! You'll learn about what to always have with you, how to stay organized, and how to make a space just for your crafts!

If you want to be an ultimate crafter here are 15 items you might want to have on hand:

  1. Pens/pencils

  2. Paper towel rolls/Scrap cardboard

  3. Empty cans

  4. Pipe cleaners

  5. String

  6. Paint

  7. Glitter

  8. Felt

  9. Tape (Washi tape, duct tape, painters tape, and clear tape are the best)

  10. Glue

  11. Stapler

  12. Pliers

  13. Paper cups

  14. Ribbon

  15. A notebook (for all your creative ideas)

Once you've got some of those items you need a space to work. Here are some things you need for a great workspace

  1. A clean table

  2. Bins to keep your supplies in (Feel free to go with colourful ones)

This is really great because you don't need to make a whole room dedicated to crafting (although you can have one if you want)! The bins are great for organizing! Here is a set of fun and colourful bins we found from Michaels® Click here


I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to become an ultimate crafter!

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