DIY Lip Balm

Lip balm is such a cool DIY all year round because you can customize it with whatever you like! Today you will learn how to make your own lip balm, but first let‘s talk supplies.


- Beeswax

- Coconut Oil

- A container

- Anything to customize (Cosmetic glitter, Scents, etc.)

Step 1.

First boil some water in a pot, then put a heat safe bowl on top.

Tip: Glass bowls often work best

Step 2. Melt your beeswax. I grated the beeswax then put it in the glass bowl to melt. Since beeswax takes the longest time to melt, it’s helpful to do it first.

Step 3.

Once your beeswax has melted, add an equal amount of coconut oil.

Step 4.

Now you can customize! Use any cosmetic grade glitters, colour, or scents you would like. I used some lavender essential oil. You can easily find essential oils online. (Click here)

Step 5.

Make sure everything is mixed and even. Then, turn off the heat of the stove. Now you can pour your mixture into a container.

Let it cool and you’re done! Making custom lip balm is a really easy and fun DIY.


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make lip balm!

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