DIY Mini Jersey Stickers

Jerseys are so fun to customize, and so are stickers. You can add your name and your very own logo. We combined both of those things together to create craft. Today, you’ll be learning how to create and customize your own jersey stickers. They are a nice decoration that you can put pretty much anywhere. I would like to give a huge thanks to The Ultimate Sports Website/TUSW for sponsoring this post, it wouldn’t have been possible without them.


- Paper

- Double sided tape

- Non-stick paper (Parchment paper or wax paper)

- Markers, Crayons, or Pencil crayons

Step 1.

Create your designs. On a piece of paper, draw your jersey design. You can add anything you want! Try experimenting with colours and sizes.

Step 2.

Transform your design into a sticker. Take a piece of double sided tape, then stick a side to the back of your jersey design.

Step 3.

Save it for later. If you'd like to save your sticker for later or give it as a gift, cut out some wax paper/parchment paper that's a bit bigger than your design. Then, attach it to the tape of your sticker.


The Ultimate Sports Website (TUSW) is the sponsor of this post and It couldn't have been possible without them. If you like sports you'll definitely love TUSW! They have sports news, reviews, opinions, ratings, and more. TUSW is a fun way to stay connected with sports so please check it out here.

Thank you for reading this post, it was so fun to make and I hope you enjoyed it!

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