DIY Candle Holder (Bonus: How to Make a Lantern)

Candle Holders are a great way to make candles look bigger and arguably cooler! Today, you'll be learning how to make candle holders for your house, your backyard, garden, or anything else.


- A Tea Light Candle

- A Mason Jar

- A Glass Tea Light Candle Holder

- Tape (Any Colour)

Step 1.

Take off the middle of the lid on your jar.

Step 2.

Use the tape to decorate your jar. Make any kind of design that you like.

Step 3.

Take your tea light candle and put it into the glass candle holder.

Tip: Try to have a holder that has an opening at the top the same size as the jar.

Step 4.

Take of the lid, then put your candle holder on top of the jar. Now you can screw the lid back on, and it won't fall out! Light the candle and your candle holder is ready to go!


Now it's time for the bonus! To make your candle holder into a lantern, unscrew the lid again, then take your candle out of the glass holder. Put the candle back in without the glass holder, or with a smaller one. If you use citronella candles, it's a great way to keep mosquitos away in the summer.


I hope you liked the concept of making custom candle holders and lanterns, and hopefully you'll try making your own soon!

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